Whether it's finding the perfect blanks to print on or the right ink for the job, we sweat the details to ensure an easy ordering process and quality results.



Our preferred print method for light ink on dark garments. With this technique, we combine a discharge underbase with soft hand plastisol inks to achieve both a soft finish and vibrant colors. Best suited for 100% cotton garments when an ultra soft hand and Pantone color matching are priorities.


Ideal for select colors of tri-blends, 50/50 blends and 100% cotton garments, vintage prints consist of soft hand additives mixed with our standard plastisol inks to mimic the look and feel of your favorite tee from yesteryear. While vintage prints achieve an ultra soft hand, not completely unlike water-based inks, they are not opaque and are generally better suited for light colored garments as exact color matching can be difficult to achieve on darker colored garments.


Our tried and true printing method. While plastisol is not always the right ink for the job, when it is, we strongly believe in doing it right. Plastisol prints are an ideal candidate for clean, bright colors on both light and dark garments and when substrates other than 100% cotton are preferred. When an underbase is required on darker garments, expect a slightly thicker print, however bulletproof and crunchy prints need not apply.


If you need your product retail ready or if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, ask about our finishing options such as custom tagless inner labels or polyester woven labels and how we can help your product stand apart. It’s all in the details. Additional turnaround time may apply.


Foils, reflective, split fountains, metallics, glow in the dark, puff and suede inks, and high density inks are all available at an additional cost. Get in touch for custom pricing. Additional turnaround time may apply.